Over the past 3 years and through the pandemic I was privileged to have worked on 8 TV commercials for UCI Health and SCAN Heal Plan. All commercials aired in California and in Nevada. For SCAN, the commercials we created exceeded their yearly membership rate and still continue's to do so today. All commercials are tied into social and print advertising with clear CTA's to exponentially grow membership as well as get people treated at UCIH. I was the creative lead on all projects from concept to completion. I worked side by side with the Producers, Directors from pre-production, and post-production with the Color Specialists and Sound Engineers. I was very fortunate to have one of my commercials win an Emmy.
​​​​​​​Title: ACD/Team Lead    •   Agencies: UCI Health and SCAN Health Plan     •   Deliverables: TV Commercials 
ABOVE: UCI Health's Emmy award winning commercial. Aired in California was a 2 day shoot with a multiple cameras and a B-Roll team.

BELOW: SCAN Health Plan's TV commercial.
My task on all commercials: Capture a moment in time based on real stories and express them in a way where a one minute commercial can tell the story and ultimately raise awareness and increase memberships, or in UCI Health's perspective, to get people checked and cured.
BELOW: UCI Health's TV commercial based on Esophageal cancer and how technology has advanced the outpatient outcome that years before would take months to recover.
BELOW: These are 4 out of the 6 commercials I worked on for SCAN Health Plan. They all aired in California and Nevada. These commercials are the reason why SCAN's yearly membership surpassed their 2021 projections. All commercials were in English and Spanish.

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