I was honored to lead all creative for Ignyta's new brand identity. Their passion for medical science and love of helping people needed to come through. I was also privileged to have designed the massive wall print on their office entrance and the interactive iPads across the wall displaying their history. As a team lead, I managed all levels of creative and oversaw a video and photo crew to capture the modern, sleek office environment that Ignyta wanted to show. My work was instrumental in Ignyta's acquirement from Roche.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Title: ACD/Design/Team Lead    •   Agency: KPI Agency     •   Deliverables: Corporate brand identity, print, digital, video and web
My task for the mural: Demonstrate the evolution of Ignyta, showcasing key historical accomplishments, the current state of affairs in precision medicine and future milestones and goals.
The outcome: Designed a 62’ mural, a visual timeline that showcased their history of medicine from printed historical artifacts to interactive iPads. The entire wall was connected from a DNA strand that started on the left and on the very right, it turned into a constellation, showcasing their future and love of technology and sci-fi.
Along with their new corporate branding, came two new websites and collateral print materials. I had to create a fresh new look for their entire brand and pipeline of products. The story on the website needed to convey several things, but the more important one was that their science for cancer treatment was working. And their patient recruitment program was successful due to the new approachable campaign.
This was a fun interactive video card for the sales team. I was asked to create it from scratch along with the video that it played. All the details in the video had to be enhanced due to the size of the screen.
On the left is their new brand book I created, and on the right is an example of the few printed pieces for their trade show booth.​​​​​​​

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