I know what you're thinking. "Why does he have such a different style of creative on his website?" 
This is a project Danny, myself and a couple of friends did in our spare time. It was great fun and I just wanted to share it.

Danny DeVito has a strange side which we all love. He created an experience for the gore fans and I was honored to lead all creative for his web campaign. It showed a darker side, with interesting environments in which stories and videos were played. If you are one of the lucky one's to see a short film, I would advise skipping a meal before watching.
The task: To show scary environments inside the large factory walls where you accidentally ended up in. To give you the feeling that you were a fly on the wall, and that you were going to see something you weren’t invited to be a part of.

The result: These rooms you see do not exist in real life, they're a total fabrication from about 30 different photos. The style is made to look part comic-book, part nightmare, with Danny's videos clued in on each room. The idea is that you're inside of the writer’s mind, a mad man, which keeps changing the story as you move along. That was apparent, the next time you came back to the site. The rooms looked similar but changed in away.
The LA Weekly picked up our story.
The writer in his room. Don't wake him up, he's working. Again, multiple layers create an environment that has a playful comic book feel with a "hint" of danger.
The library is where you found your photo from the Comic-Con panel we were all a part of. After the San Diego event, the fans would come to this room to find themselves tortured in some way and would be able to share the photo with friends. Danny's sense of humor was obvious, he wanted the body parts to move a little when you sent your photo.
The underground court yard, where you ended up in, if you clicked on an easter egg. The music and sound effects were a big part of the experience. Again the look is a cross between a comic-book and a nightmare with multiple images building this scene.

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