Working on "The Big Idea," as all agencies do, is always fun for me. But the big idea isn't just a printed piece with a strong tag line, it's something that will have many tangents that are strategically tied to a wide range campaign, that's when it really works. Discovering all the layers that are needed to create a rich immersive campaign is where I live. After all, I like to dream big. Here are a few examples.

The idea: ​​​​​​​Every parent faces a big dilemma when their child has earaches, and it's horrendous when ear drops just don't work. This treatment is the answer to a parent's prayer. (If you've never been there, trust me: it's like having a bullhorn in your ear for hours.) This was an idea that was taken from sketch form to a polished photo-realistic piece.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Creative Role: ACD/Art   •   Agency: Scout   •   Campaign: The Struggle Is Real

The idea: A child uses magazines and a pop-up card to create the height needed for the rocket to take off. The background wallpaper adds to the playful environment and limitless possibilities.​​​​​​​
Creative Role: ACD/Design   •   Agency: The KPI Agency   •   Campaign: The Data Is In
The idea: To show the panther walking in it's natural environment while connecting the animal with the system. The animal expresses the fast results given from the Panther system.
​​​​​​Creative Role: ACD/Design/Strategy   •   Agency: Scout   •   Campaign: Panther Fusion 

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