When I first started this year-long project, I was part of a team that held an 8-hour workshop with Hologic’s internal team. The task was to walk away with clear initiatives as well as the big idea for the long term campaign. 
I was the creative lead for all interactive, print and video components. My team and I soon began work on all strategies with full branding, three style guides for each assay, multiple print pieces, and a 3D animated character of the panther itself. The interactive components were multiple websites for the US and emerging markets along with videos on how the Panther operates and a series of how-to’s for the sales teams.

Creative Role: ACD/Design/Team Lead    •   Agency: Ignite/Palio now GSW     •   Campaign: Panther Has New Pray     •   Awards: 3 Total
Created all breakpoints for the site and each assay to their brand guidelines. My UX experience was instrumental in creating a successful campaign
Created all print materials as well as all style guides that would carry the brand.
These 3 images above show the assay portfolio by not only focusing on the eyes (virus) but the sensitivity of the device by highlighting the whiskers which are the most sensitive part of the animal.
I lead the 3D team to ensure the viruses were true to life and not an artistic rendition. These 3 eyes show the viruses that the tests concentrate on. These viruses speak to the audience in a real and powerful way.​​​​​​​

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