I am a seasoned Creative Director/Associate Creative Director of visual design and have been delivering top creative skills and ideas in the Orange County and LA areas since 1994. My focus lies in digital/web design, where creating interactive experiences has become my passion. My portfolio showcases well-thought-out visual design and digital branding across multiple industries. I take pride in being both hands-on and able to nurture and manage new talent as they lay their hands on the work. I am currently seeking  new opportunities that can fully utilize my experience and skillset.
When I first started, I worked at a video game company, which is where I learned 3D modeling, storytelling, and character development. I moved to Hollywood to work on all levels of creative for the entertainment industry. It was fun working with studios such as 20th Century Fox, MGM, Universal Pictures, WB, Paramount, Legendary Pictures, Syfy, Sony Pictures, and many more.
After working in LA, I moved to Orange County and worked with great design firms. I've always had a science-nerdy side, so when I landed a job at a digital pharma agency I quickly felt at home; it seemed natural to me. I was able to use my storyboarding experience for video, editing, and leading a film and design crew. I've managed creative teams and have experienced the great feeling of getting an award or two for the hard work.
The things I believe in are: be kind and honest with no ego, work hard, and be the lead that others follow, all while having a positive attitude. It's hard to work with a team that has negativity. Struggle is part of the job, but knowing how to deal with it is what makes a good team great.
I believe that there is no end to creativity, and no end to the joy we bring to others through our work in marketing.
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