Creating with my hands has always been part of my daily tasks. So when a 3D printer isn't fast enough, then I get to work. In this sample, I made various camera sizes with different functions to showcase their style and applications.

Creative Role: ACD/Design/Prototype maker    •   Agency: The KPI Agency
Starting with sketches then moving to foam core, to build physical prototypes usually takes about a day to get something created. Depending on the complexity and how sharp the X-acto's knives are, I've achieved great things. The best part is when a client holds it in their hands and envisions the final product. This is the perfect stage to make modifications and try something new. Fun.
Different concepts go through the approval stage, and many questions will be asked but that's the fun part.
Creating vector concepts is also part of the overall execution. At this stage I propose different features as to why and how a product functions.
Different style cameras were created to showcase each of the personalities and functions at home. One swivels, one stands and one magnetizes itself to the wall. But all contain the same strong technology inside, well at least that's what the final product will be.

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