Mountain Dew put a line of limited edition aluminum bottles into limited-release production. I was one of the lucky people that got to design a bottle for them. This bottle was created for Paramount Studios for the release of their horror/drama series Circle of Eight and was sold nationwide. The idea behind this bottle is that the design is full of clues. Everywhere you look, there is scientific iconography and emotional patterns with a strong hint about the ending to the show. But it will not be easy to solve. (Hint: That white ribbon effect is ancient Latin text, but that's all I'm saying.)​​​​​​​
Title: Creative Director/Designer   •   Studio: Paramount Studios
This bottle was sold across the US and I was happy to have created it.
There is a lot of science in this image. Chemical compounds that create the drink are shown. I had to get scientific data that supported my designs while adding the clues to the show's finale.
The public called it "The Lightning Bottle" I can see why. But there was one lucky winner that guessed the clue in the bottle.

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